What Can You Create on LaserPro?

The Revolutionary Features that Make LaserPro Extraordinary


Laser Autofocus

The Z-axis of LaserPro can automatically adjust the focus of the laser.


Camera Preview

Place your design with your mouse  and position it exactly where you want.


Camera Recognition

Obtain graphics from the camera and engrave them on the products directly.


Large Size

LaserPro supports a super large engraving size of 305*215mm.


High Power

LaserPro uses a 7W high-power laser with very fine and precise 0.08mm light spot.


APP Control

Connect your smart phone to the LaserPro by Wi-Fi and start creating.


Four Axes

LaserPro is capable of 360° rotating engravings on cylindrical objects.


Offline Engraving

Click the button after sending the file and leave your computer and phone behind. 


Quasi-industrial Grade

The TMC2208 drivers and linear guides system ensures LaserPro to work smooth.

About SparkMaker

SparkMaker is a flagship product of WOW Innovation Technology Co., Ltd based in Shenzhen, China. 

As a forward-looking company, SparkMaker focus on developing creative products for everyone can easy to use and afford for it,We launched our first product "SparkMaker Original" on Kickstarter in 2017. Since then, SparkMaker has sold more than 50,000 products over 100 countries.

We tapped the top engineering, innovative ideas and industrial design talent to create LaserPro professional laser engraver. As a R&D and production company, through constantly exceeding our user's expectations, our on time delivery and service. SparkMaker has become a key player of maker’s choice.

Email: laserpro-support@sparkmaker3d.net